Simposio degli Dei

The Stoài is the place where the Gods return to when invited by art, to reopen a discourse between past and future. We are pleased to offer you a unique experience through food, music and dance that evokes the mythical enchantment of the ancient Greek world.

The experience

Once inside, you will witness a spectacle capable of reviving long dormant emotions. Against the ancient backdrop of the Valley of the Temples, “Symposium of the Gods” is ready to take you on an exhilarating experience through the mediums of art, nature and culture. “The Symposium of the Gods” is a dreamlike journey to discover the greek myth; it tells a tale beyond time, a dream dreamed 2600 years ago. A story which survived in our imagination until today.

And here The Symposium of the Gods is staged to the rhythmic beat of gestures, sounds and tastes to provide you with a unique experience. A space aimed at recalling the past but open to the future, capable of hosting events, exhibitions and prestigious convivial moments.